Next Play Ep. 12 | Davis Tarwater, Entrepreneur and Olympian, on Understanding Athletic Identity and Transitioning to Career after Sport


In today’s session, Erica hosts Davis Tarwater. Davis is a business owner, entrepreneur, former professional swimmer, 2012 Olympic gold medalist, University of Michigan alumni, and 13 time All American among other outstanding achievements. Let’s jump in.

What’s Covered:

  • [01:55] About Davis
  • [10:30] Understanding athletic identity and overcoming expectations
  • [12:00] Finding balance between life and sports
  • [19:30] Post Olympic Games transition away from sport
  • [22:35] Dealing with life’s inflection points
  • [25:00] The importance of investing in your network
  • [30:40] Applying transferable skills to life after sport
  • [33:00] About Davis’s post-sport career


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