Next Play Episode 4 | Kathleen Hessert on how to build a personal brand through social media

See here is my question—what does Notre Dame Football, Shaq Oneal, P Diddy, the Pope, and Peyton Manning all have in common? Kathleen Hessert. Founder and CEO of the Sports Media Challenge.

Kathleen is a true rock star—30 years in the business and she still leads through innovation. She has worked with countless numbers of athletes, athletic departments, and student-athletes to help them build their personal brand.  

Katheen’s expertise is unmatched and her stories are even better. If you want to learn more about building your personal brand, you do not want to miss this. Let’s jump in.

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What’s Covered:

  • [03:05] Kathleen’s journey
  • [12:40] Kathleen’s big idea and how she grew her business
  • [15:20] How did athletes build their brand before social media?
  • [18:50] Building your personal brand
  • [23:20] Starting her work with Peyton Manning
  • [27:55] Personalized steps to building a brand
  • [31:35] Amazing qualities athletes bring into the professional world
  • [36:35] Peyton Manning’s example of how to understand generational differences as a leader
  • [42:20] Advice to college athletes
  • [52:45] How the new digital generations change the way organizations and athletes build their brand and reach their audiences
  • [55:35] Whats the current state and the next big thing in social media?

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