Next Play Episode 5 | Dana Greenup on FirstLine School’s mission and opportunities available for student-athletes

Today’s conversation is with Dana Greenup from FirstLine Schools—a charter school system in New Orleans.

FirstLine is a new customer with Game Plan and a leading charter school system nationally. They are accomplishing amazing things in New Orleans and it all starts with their people.

The work we’ve done has shown us how passionate student-athletes can be to educate and work with young people. So naturally, FirstLine represents a great career opportunity for so many.

Education is the foundation for growth and it’s inspiring to hear the work being done by FirstLine. It was really fun hearing Dana share her story. Let’s jump in.

What’s Covered:

  • [01:50] Dana Greenup’s bio and how she joined FirstLine Schools
  • [03:20] Dana’s Role at FirstLine
  • [04:02] Differences and similarities between charter schools and the public school system
  • [05:50] FirstLine’s mission
  • [10:10] Roles and opportunities available at FirstLine for student-athletes and their fit within the organization
  • [16:10] Advice to student-athletes looking to go into teaching
  • [19:17] Thoughts about the student-athlete experience and FirstLine’s work with Game Plan


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