Next Play Episode 7 | Penny Semaia on Pitt’s unique approach to student-athlete development

Thrilled about today’s session—joining me is Penny Semaia from Pitt Athletics.  Penny shares his own personal journey and why in so many respects, he is the perfect person to be in college athletics administration.
I have known Penny for the past several years and can say first hand he has high expectations, he holds people accountable, he’s open minded, and innovative.  As we are in NCAA convention week, it is perfect timing to have Penny on—he’s a great example of a modern day leader in college athletics.  Thrilled to have him on the podcast and proud to have him as a customer. Let’s jump in.

What’s Covered:

  • [01:30] Penny’s journey from high school to Pitt Football
  • [06:00] Penny’s experience at Pitt
  • [12:00] Penny’s journey after collegiate athletics
  • [17:30] How Penny got into Life Skills
  • [22:30] How Pitt built their Life Skills Program
  • [28:00] The current state of Life Skills and student-athlete development
  • [46:40] The importance of mentorship
  • [55:15] Building an alumni network at Pitt Athletics
  • [58:10] What’s the next big thing in student-athlete development

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