Next Play Episode 8 | Adonal Foyle on player development and the transition away from sport

Joining us today is Adonal Foyle. Adonal is a long time NBA vet, McDonald’s All American, and fellow freshman in the patriot league 23 years ago.  It’s a bit of a walk down memory lane for Adonal and me but we quickly move into the good stuff.

Adonal is not your average Joe.  He’s an accomplished author, investor, entrepreneur, and obviously a successful NBA basketball player.

His perspective on player development is spot on—he’s so aware of the journey and breaks it down to a simple equation to help players on and off the court.

If you are in life skills, player development, or an active player, you will want to look Adonal up. Let’s jump in.

What’s Covered:

  • [02:00] Choosing a strong academic school as a High School All-American
  • [07:30] Adonal’s efforts in his post NBA career
  • [11:00] Adonal’s transition away from professional sports
  • [17:40] The kind of mentors Adonal learned the most from
  • [20:00] Adonal’s work as Director of Player Development with the Orlando Magic
  • [22:30] The current state of Player Development
  • [32:30] When should player development start?
  • [53:00] How do you get player buy-in around player development?

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