Next Play Podcast Episode 1 | Red Venture’s Unique Culture and What They Look for in Candidates

This week, I’m joined by Dave Busshart of the Red Ventures college recruiting team. Red Ventures is a technology company headquartered in Charollote, NC with locations around the U.S. In this session, Dave talks about the massive growth Red Ventures has seen over the past several years, its mission, and its amazing leadership team.

We focus in particular on why student-athletes have been—and continue to be—such a great fit for Red Venture’s fast paced, high achievement culture. We even weave in a bit of a discussion about the basketball court that sits in the middle of their Charlotte campus. This is a great opportunity to learn more about one of the fastest growing companies in the country. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did. Let’s jump in!

What’s covered:

  • [00:40] Who is Red Ventures?
  • [07:25] Red Venture’s culture
  • [13:05] Diversity and performance at Red Ventures
  • [16:33] Red Venture’s campuses and facilities
  • [22:10] Leadership at Red Ventures
  • [26:06] Types of careers available for student-athletes at Red Ventures
  • [34:12] Red Venture’s hiring process
  • [39:05] Student-athletes’ transferable skills that recruiters are looking for
  • [45:29] Advice for recent and upcoming graduates

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