Elevating Student-Athlete Development


The eLearning opportunities that Game Plan provides benefit our coaches, administrators, and student-athletes. As a Conference, we strive to provide the tools and support that help our members be even more effective and student-athlete friendly. Game Plan’s innovative platform allows our athletic departments to enhance the education and support that our student-athletes deserve.”

Tom WistrcillBig Sky Conference - Commissioner

Before The Partnership

The Big Sky has always been seen as an innovator among its peers in terms of prioritizing the student-athlete. With that in mind, they were looking for a way to provide value to their member institutions while also being able to create a consistent message across their over 1,400 student-athletes. Looking for an eLearning solution the Big Sky turned to Game Plan to fill that role.

Their Goal

The Big Sky wanted to equip their member institutions with tools for student-athlete development in an all-encompassing way. Ranging from eLearning courses and assessments, the conference also wanted the schools to have the ability to create a mentorship network as well as the ability to provide their student-athletes with job opportunities. Going full circle by helping their student-athletes make the big step into their career of choice.

The Result

The Big Sky Conference has partnered with Game Plan to equip its member institution’s athletic departments with tools to unify and enhance the student-athlete experience.

eLearning Courses & Assessments

Online Network of Mentors

Internship & Career Opportunities

The Big Sky Conference

Since partnering with Game Plan, the Big Sky has implemented mobile-first education to its 11 member institutions. Housing 1,400+ active student-athletes, the Big Sky completed over 8,500 Game Plan courses in the year 2020. Current student-athletes use Game Plan extensively in the curriculum areas that include financial literacy, athlete ally, social justice & race relations with RISE, sports wagering, and sexual violence prevention. And many more.

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