Great Midwest Athletic Conference

Adapting During Unprecedented Times


When you think about the Game Plan modules, they're 8-10 min long on their phones. Making courses accessible for the student-athletes, who can do it on their own time. There's also no need to worry about social distancing or masks at all. So the ease of delivery in this day and age, where we can't bring everyone together, makes a lot of sense in these times."

Leslie SchuemannSenior Associate Commissioner / SWA

Before The Partnership

Before the Great Midwest Athletic Conference partnered with Game Plan, they were dealing with the scheduling effects of COVID-19 on their member institution departments, and equally, with the student-athletes, they looked to help. With the inability of substantial in-person contact during the worldwide pandemic, the Great Midwest was stuck on the sideline with their student-athlete development initiatives.

Their Goal

The Great Midwest wanted to implement Game Plan eLearning courses with a focus on providing online education to their student-athletes on relevant topics around Mental Health as well as giving them access to a wide library of engaging content. By onboarding all their member institutions’ student-athletes remotely, they were able to educate, engage, and track all 850+ student-athletes in the conference without dealing with the complexity of in-person COVID restrictions.

The Result

Since partnering with Game Plan, the Great Midwest Athletic Conference has implemented mobile-first education to its 12 member institutions. Housing 850+ active student-athletes, the Great Midwest completed over 7,000 Game Plan courses in the year 2020. In addition to the mental health program, current student-athletes use Game Plan extensively in the curriculum areas that include financial literacy, athlete ally, social justice & race relations with RISE, and sexual violence prevention.

Great Midwest Athletic Conference

By equipping their member institutions with Game Plan, the Great Midwest has given their member institutions a comprehensive developmental system that will support their student-athletes on and off the field. Giving their athletic departments the ability to enact change, engage, and educate in-person or remotely.