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Supporting our student-athletes by making sure that they are well informed and resourced, and ensuring the integrity of all our sports, is at the heart of our Conference’s mission. Game Plan’s resources will provide a tremendous tool for delivering proper education and information to our student-athletes, university administrators and staffs related to the ever-evolving topic of sports wagering.”

Woodie DixonPac-12 General Counsel, Senior Vice President of Business Affairs

Before The Partnership

Before the Pac-12 partnered with Game Plan, they relied on old-school messaging to their member institutions’ student-athletes. Requiring a lot of travel for the conference as well as the inability to react to new rulings by the NCAA. With the new sports wagering rules going into effect, and the conference tournament being housed in Las Vegas. The conference was looking for a way to adapt to new educational methods.

Their Goal

The Pac-12 wanted to implement sports wagering education directly to their student-athletes, creating a consistent message while also being able to engage the athletes wherever they were. This education needed to be focused around mobile-first eLearning that was easily tracked while also bringing the most value to the member institutions.

The Result

Since partnering with Game Plan, the Pac-12 has implemented mobile-first education to its 12 member institutions. Housing 2,000+ active student-athletes, the Pac-12 completed over 10,500+ Game Plan courses in the year 2020. In addition to the sports wagering program, current student-athletes use Game Plan extensively in the curriculum areas that include financial literacy, nutrition, social justice & race relations with RISE, and sexual violence prevention.

The Pac-12

By equipping their member institutions with Game Plan, the Pac-12 has taken a leadership position in providing their student-athletes, staff, and administration innovative new education-related to sports wagering and integrity in sports.

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