University of Maine

Creating a pathway to graduation and beyond using Game Plan’s assessment instruments and online career services tools.


Game Plan has also proven to be a valuable recruiting tool. The department has been able to highlight to prospective recruits and parents the University of Maine’s commitment to improving outcomes for Black Bear student-athletes in their sport, the classroom, and after graduation.

Ann MaximDirector of Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes at the University of Maine

Before The Partnership

Prior to using Game Plan, student-athlete personal and career development fell on the shoulders of the busy academic support department. Without the resources to devote an entire staff to student-athlete development, the programs, conversations, and events provided by Academic Support, while beneficial and informational, lacked the consistency of an effective student-athlete-wide program.

Their Goal

The goal was to provide intentional and formalized student-athlete personal and career development. By tapping into Game Plan’s educational models and student assessments, the department saw an opportunity to maximize services in a time-effective way.

The Process

The Black Bears piloted Game Plan in the Fall of 2017. First-year through senior student-athletes were assigned targeted modules and assessments relevant to their personal journeys. Students were also tasked with updating their Career Profiles, a tool that allows students to showcase their experience, academic/athletic accomplishments, volunteering efforts, and skills/interests to prospective employers as early as freshman year. Academic Support continues to explore and expand its use of Game Plan and sees Game Plan becoming an essential component of its holistic student-athlete support from orientation through graduation.

The University of Maine

The mission for Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes at the University of Maine has always been to support the holistic success and development of student-athletes. Over the past 15 years, the Black Bears’ Academic Support staff has done a great job supporting student-athletes academically to improve both APR and GSR.