College Football Programming

Ensure that your student-athletes receive the education, guidance, and services they need to take advantage of the unique opportunities they’re given with Game Plan.

The student-athlete journey is paved with promise. We help fulfill it.

We proactively address the challenges and needs of student-athletes through proven eLearning platform that educates them where they are.

Some will continue on with sports at the professional level and some won’t, but all will serve as ambassadors for your institution. Coaches, athletic directors, conference administrators, and other collegiate stakeholders can rely on Game Plan to help improve their student-athletes’ growth experiences. This, in turn, produces more generous alumni, stronger brand representatives, and even better people.

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NFL College Outreach Programming

The NFL College Outreach Program is a proud partner with Game Plan. We are working together to offer student football-athletes, mobile-first education covering the NFL draft process, important values gained through college football, how to maximize college resources, role models to look up to, and more. This eLearning-based curriculum has now been implemented in over 130+ FBS football programs.

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Create and deliver your own programming education all in one place

Along with the ability to provide our original education, our platform allows you to deliver your own. Use our new platform features to create customized eLearning courses and assign them to your players. When creating the course, upload your program materials such as videos and documents to share with your athletes. Test your athletes on what the materials cover by adding in quizzes, polls, or surveys. Then track retention and engagement by viewing the results all within the Game Plan platform.

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"Our partnership with Game Plan has been a game-changer. We are always exploring ways to offer cutting-edge resources. The creation of MSU branded eLearning courses is innovative and keeps our football and men’s basketball student-athletes engaged at a high level while the addition of the eLearning curriculum will change the way we deliver programming to our student-athletes."

Elliott Daniels

Associate AD for Student-Athlete Engagement

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