Access historically hard-to-reach athletes through a proven distribution channel

Game Plan bypasses hurdles outside organizations face when trying to communicate with amateur and professional players.

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Content Partner Program Overview

There has never been a greater need to educate athletes at all levels. Ironically, there’s also never been a more challenging time for experts to reach them. Education has shifted dramatically due to the ability (and even mandate) of remote learning. Organizations are now more open to alternatives to the in-person experience, making it harder to engage audiences through traditional means.

Our mobile-first eLearning platform has quickly become the best way to message athletes in this environment. We combine passive, on-demand course content with live, interactive events for one-of-a-kind scalability among this audience.


Athletics Organizations
Media Outlets
Research Institutions
Service Organizations
Policy Makers
Subject-Matter Experts

Game Plan is the premier digital-distribution network for athlete development

We welcome compelling educational content from industry thought leaders to strengthen our growing on- and off-the-field curriculums.


Great content demands to be shared. With athletes, it’s not always easy to identify the right platform to effectively and reliably do this. Game Plan removes uncertainty around whether or not your message is being received. From youth to pro, we engage athletes where they are at each stage of their journey, which means you’re always reaching them in the right way at the right time.


Our goal is to partner with subject-matter experts to create the most comprehensive athlete-development platform available. It’s not our goal to appropriate your content. You maintain total control of your IP as we integrate your ideas and information into our proprietary courses and workshops. A mutually-beneficial partnership is the most beneficial one for our athletes.


Game Plan eliminates restrictions imposed by time, distance, budget, and limited space. Our eLearning platform offers convenience and flexibility when it comes to engaging your audience. You can offer both on-demand video courses as well as live webinars and workshops for more interactive experiences. Never before has an athlete-specific channel been so dynamic with such scalability.


In a digital world, virtual learning is a vital component to any education program. We take this to the next level by partnering with technology leaders such as Zoom for even greater remote capabilities. We help you host and record live events, send personalized communications to athletes, and monitor engagement reports on attendance and participation. In short, we make sure your message resonates.


Game Plan uses pre- and post-assessments, graded knowledge checks, and surveys to gauge participation, comprehension, and sentiment. This means you can not only track degree of engagement, but also use the results to help continually improve your content. We’ve also automated our monthly reports to make it as easy as possible to capture and analyze this data.


As our partner, you’ll never have to wonder whether or not you’re maximizing the Game Plan platform. We take the guesswork out of identifying the right kinds of content for each audience, integrating your brand effectively into the programming, and measuring the returns. Our Customer Success team is always there to support your brand and business objectives.

You have the knowledge and skills to help shape the lives of athletes at key points along their journeys.  We look forward to enabling you to do this effectively in ways that reach them where they are.

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