The demo courses listed below represent just a small portion of what the Game Plan platform has to offer. As you demo the examples below, you’ll have the chance to take the courses from an athlete’s perspective—but keep in mind that this is just one part of an athlete’s experience on the platform. In addition to online learning solutions, the Game Plan platform (and mobile app) offer solutions for online career services and mentorship.


Part 1: Sports Wagering & Integrity in Athletics

The first of a seven course curriculum designed to educate student-athletes on the rules and consequences of sports wagering (two courses are also available for staff members).


Love Labyrinth: Navigating Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

A course developed in partnership with the One Love Foundation—part of a 13 course eLearning curriculum designed to educate student-athletes on sexual violence prevention and healthy relationships based on the NCAA’s guidelines (courses are also available for staff).


Your Athletic Identity in the Workplace

A course designed to help athletes understand how to make a successful transition into their life after sport. The course breaks down each of the eight segments of Game Plan’s proprietary athlete transition assessment, Next Play Pro, to help athletes understand how their experience in sport can create both advantages and potential obstacles that they should exploit and anticipate/overcome, respectively.


Introduction to Mental Health in College Athletics

A course designed in conjunction with Dr. Emmett Gill, Introduction to Mental Health provides an onboarding tool for college athletics administrators to introduce collegiate student-athletes key concepts, terminology and resources associated with mental wellness. The course is the first of a four part series designed to provide a broad foundation of understanding to the collegiate student-athlete on mental wellness.

Custom eLearning Solutions

In addition to our on-demand eLearning course catalog of 100+ courses and assessments, Game Plan also works with athletics organizations of all sizes to create fully customized content for their athletes.

Your Content Delivered Your Way

Bring portions of your developmental or compliance-based education online to complement in-person workshops and free up valuable time to spend on the content your organization views as a priority.

Deliver, Track & Measure

Course completion is tracked inside the platform to create accountability and a record of who has participated. Pre/post assessments can be used to measure how well athletes understand the content before and after completing it.