eLearning Curriculums & Assessment Instruments

Game Plan’s eLearning courses and assessment instruments are designed uniquely for athletes. Our learning resources give athletes the flexibility to complete certain aspects of developmental programs online and in their own time.

“Game Plan has made complying with the new NCAA [sexual violence prevention] legislation very easy. I was able to assign my student-athletes modules and they are able to complete them on their own time.”

Danielle MorrinDirector of Life Skills | East Carolina University

“Using Game Plan as the foundation for our curriculum and for program management, we’ve built a multi-year program integrating development throughout each stage of the student-athlete experience. Leveraging Game Plan’s self-awareness tools partnered with having pivotal conversations earlier is a big part of what’s driving our program.”

Leigh FutchDirector Student-Athlete Development | University of Georgia

Athletes are natural learners.

They take direction and internalize feedback on a daily basis. But their rigorous schedules can make it difficult to find time for their own personal or professional development.

At Game Plan, we believe that the optimal way to deliver education to athletes is through a blended model of in-person and online learning—to give athletes the flexibility to learn in their own time.

eLearning Curriculums

80+ eLearning courses developed uniquely for athletes by subject matter experts.

Personality Assessments

Proprietary identity and interest assessments designed specifically for athletes.

Custom eWorkshops

Fully customized eLearning courses developed using your own new or existing content.

Robust Analytics

Dashboards and reporting to help athletics professionals measure and track their athletes’ progress.

Game Plan offers a diverse and growing library of athlete-specific eLearning curriculums and assessment instruments—developed in partnership with subject matter experts and top organizations.

Sexual Violence Prevention & Healthy Relationships for Athletes

This eLearning course curriculum was developed to address the NCAA’s latest mandate regarding sexual violence prevention education. It includes foundational courses, year-specific courses and courses designed for coaches and administrators.

The curriculum was developed in partnership with Kalimah Johnson, a nationally recognized leader educating athletes in the areas of sexual violence prevention and healthy relationships.

Kalimah is the Founder/Executive Director of SASHA (Sexual Assault Services for Holistic Healing and Awareness) Center in Detroit, Michigan and the lead consultant to the National Basketball Association, the WNBA, the National Hockey League and the National Football League-Detroit Lions.

Two courses were also developed in partnership with One Love Foundation™, the national leader in educating young people about healthy and unhealthy relationships and galvanizing them as leaders of change.

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Foundational Courses

  • Sexual Violence Part 1: Definitions & Overview
  • Sexual Violence Part 2: Intervention & Response
  • Consent
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Hazing

Coach and Administrator Curriculum

  • Sexual Violence Prevention Part 1
  • Sexual Violence Prevention Part 2

One Love Foundation™ Courses

  • Learn to #LoveBetter: What makes a healthy relationship?
  • Love Labyrinth: Navigating Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Year-Specific Courses

  • Healthy Relationships Part 1
  • Healthy Relationships Part 2
  • Healthy Relationships Part 3
  • Healthy Relationships Part 4

Sports Wagering & Integrity in Athletics

A mobile-first eLearning curriculum designed to help student-athletes, coaches and staff understand the rules, risks and consequences associated with sports wagering.

The curriculum includes 7 eLearning courses for student-athletes (2 courses for coaches and staff) that cover NCAA policies, sports wagering terminology, consequences of sports wagering as a student-athlete, historic examples of sports wagering violations and hypothetical scenarios.

The content of the curriculum was developed in cooperation with members of our peer-review group. The group is made up of PhDs and others that work inside compliance departments, teach sports management at college institutions and specialize in sports law.

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Student-Athlete Courses

  • Sports Wagering in College Athletics
  • Sports Wagering Trends in the U.S.
  • Student-Athletes & Sports Wagering
  • Protecting Integrity in Athletics
  • NCAA Sports Wagering Rules
  • Examples of Sports Wagering Violations
  • Sports Wagering Hypothetical Scenarios

Staff Courses

  • Protecting Integrity in Athletics
  • Understanding Risks & Policies

Hands On Banking™ Financial Literacy Education

The Hands On Banking™ financial education curriculum is offered in partnership with Wells Fargo. This 37 course curriculum features courses that cover everything athletes need to improve their financial literacy.

The curriculum is broken down into six sections that provide detailed financial information and guidance for each stage of an athlete’s life—including tips on saving, credit, spending and investing.

Getting Started

  • You And $
  • Your Money Toolkit
  • Learn How To…
  • Keep Track
  • Stay Safe
  • Your Next Steps

Spending Smart

  • Have A Plan
  • The Value Of $
  • Be A Savvy Shopper
  • Smart Car Buying
  • Renting An Apartment
  • Your Next Steps

All About Credit

  • Before You Borrow
  • Credit Basics
  • Your Credit Score
  • Your Credit Report
  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Dealing With Debt
  • Your Next Steps

Earning Money

  • Making Your Own Way
  • Finding Employment
  • On The Job
  • Consider Entrepreneurship
  • Your Next Steps

Save, Invest & Build Wealth

  • Getting Ahead
  • Investing Basics
  • Reward Yourself By Saving
  • Get Started With Investing
  • How To Build Wealth
  • Your Next Steps

School & Money

  • Investing In Yourself
  • Education & Earning Power
  • The Money You’ll Need And Where To Find It
  • Making It Happen; Your Action Plan
  • Managing $ In School And After
  • Your Next Steps

Life Skills Development

This 37 course curriculum is designed to equip athletes with the skills they need to succeed in their sport, in the classroom and beyond.

The curriculum complements the virtual mentorship and career services aspects of the Game Plan platform to maximize developmental opportunities for athletes in their life after competitive athletics.

The majority of the courses in this curriculum are focused on professional development and “career readiness”.

Academic Development

  • Choosing the Right Major
  • Note-Taking Basics
  • Studying Basics
  • Is Grad School a Good Fit?
  • Welcome to College
  • Habits for Academic Success

Professional Development

  • Men: Dress for Success
  • Women: Dress for Success
  • Building Your Resume
  • Crafting an Elevator Pitch
  • Your Social Media Footprint
  • Email Etiquette
  • Steps to Getting a Job
  • What is networking?
  • Writing a Cover Letter
  • The Job Interview
  • The Job Interview Process
  • Keys to a Successful Interview
  • Building Your Career Network
  • Making the Most of an Internship
  • Negotiating Job Offers
  • Evaluating Job Opportunities

Personal Development

  • Time Management
  • Intro to Goal Setting
  • SMART Goal Setting
  • Self-Awareness Introduction
  • Steps to Becoming Self-Aware
  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Strong Interest Inventory Interpretation
  • Building Your Brand on Social Media
  • Self-Awareness, Academics & Your Career Path
  • Intro to Game Plan
  • Student-Athlete for Life
  • The Athlete Identity Transition

Proprietary Interest and Personality Assessment Instruments

Game Plan’s proprietary interest and personality assessments were designed uniquely for athletes. These assessments help athletes develop an understanding of their “athlete identity” in order to make a healthy transition into their life after competitive athletics.

The assessments were developed in partnership with Dr. Nathan Wiita—a former collegiate soccer player who is nationally recognized for his work in research and development lead in the field of psychological assessment and leadership development.  Nathan’s research has been featured by organizations including the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, The American Psychological Association, as well as in media outlets such as Fast Company.

In addition to our proprietary assessments, we also offer industry standard personality, strengths and interests assessments.

Proprietary Assessments

  • Next Play Pro
  • Student-Athlete Interest Inventory

Industry Standard Assessments

  • iStartStrong
  • Strong Interpretive Report
  • MBTI Profile – Form M
  • Strong Profile, College, Plus Strong Interpretive

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