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Elevate your brand with athletes who mean business

Athletes make exceptional employees. Game Plan gets your content and careers to them right where they live.

Get in front of athletes transitioning to the world of work.

Athletes possess highly desirable workplace skills. Skills honed on and off the field, like critical thinking and strong communication. But with all that time spent training and competing, they’re notoriously hard to reach and recruit. Until now.

Game Plan puts your brand in the spotlight with the only all-in-one platform for total athlete engagement and development. More than 150,000 student athletes are active in our mobile-enabled SaaS platform; it’s where they complete required compliance eLearning.

It’s where employers can:

  • Engage a diverse, dedicated talent pool eager to transition their skills to the workforce
  • Promote your internal culture and career opportunities to a captive audience
  • Deliver targeted eLearning content to high potential candidates and future consumers

Choose your Game Plan package

Employers have two options to connect with diverse athletes for brand engagement and talent acquisition.

Employer Brand and Events Activation

  • Career Page: Gives partners employer brand positioning in front of a national audience of college and professional athletes. Your jobs and your campus recruiters are integrated into the Game Plan platform.

  • Events: Stage time and booth at two virtual industry career events.

  • Official Industry partner of Game Plan: That means your company is positioned in front of a national audience of college athletes for two years. Open the gates to attract athletes to your jobs, internships and branded experiences.

  • Quarterly job promotion: Among our 875 athletic departments and 150,000 athletes.

  • Unique access : Engage with athletes at Game Plan’s virtual career events.

  • Branded Landing page: Your employer brand is predominantly listed with a branded landing page.

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Game Plan’s Upskilling Academies

  • Everything from package one, plus Game Plan Academies.: Enjoy everything from the first package PLUS

  • Pipeline as a Service: Game Plan Academy elevates an employer brand as one of only a select group of employers integrated into Game Plan sales and management training focused Academy. Making the employer brand a trusted thought leader to our athlete cohorts.

  • First Access.: As a GPA partner, your team will engage and network directly with the athletes in the program.

  • Reporting analytics dashboard: Measure athlete engagement and career page analytics.

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Find the right option for you

Better talent acquisition and brand recognition? Game on!

Game Plan’s steadfast mission is to guide 100% of athletes through 100% of their journey. Starting as early as high school, we build powerful relationships with athletes, coaches, teams, and leagues. We’ve funneled our deep understanding of how this diverse group of top performers consume content into an unprecedented opportunity for hiring teams. Here’s how.

  • Dedicated Pipeline

    Game Plan is singularly-focused on athletes, reaching more than any other portal

  • Brand Exposure

    Spotlight your business among thousands of job seekers in a valuable, hard-to-reach niche

  • Built-for-Purpose

    Every spec is designed to connect employers with candidates in as few steps as possible

  • Accessible

    Engage prospects through the tech-forward channels and devices they’re already using

  • Intuitive Interface

    A straightforward, sortable database makes it easy to find the results you’re looking for fast

  • Targeted

    Refine searches through advanced criteria such as skills, location, school, GPA, etc.

  • Measurable

    Factor an unmatched depth of engagement data into your strategy and decision-making

  • Flexible

    Shape Game Plan to your budget with a cost-efficient, flexible payment model


Maximize Engagement through Brand Sponsorship

Become a full Game Plan Sponsor to maximize employer brand penetration. You’ll work with our EdTech experts to deliver eLearning content to tens of thousands of athletes, gaining a one-of-a-kind connection to a grateful audience in return. In other words, do well by doing good.

  • Co-develop branded content that resonates with today’s athletes
  • Diversify your touch points across Game Plan’s all-in-one ecosystem
  • Leverage content to steer recruits directly to your dedicated page and job board
  • Accelerate the hiring process by helping qualified recruits understand your business
  • Become a more attractive employer by proactively supporting their development
  • Gain an immediate competitive advantage within a high-caliber employee segment

Build a diverse, dedicated work team.

Game Plan was designed for athletes by athletes. With our strategic insight into this desirable audience, our platform checks all the boxes for hiring managers: high potential talent, low-risk investment, and measurable reach.

Post Jobs

Post any type of position, which will also be sent to pre-qualified candidates based on their profiles to shorten the timeline

Reach a targeted Audience

Proactively seek out current and former student-athletes who meet your needs, fit your culture, and are ready to make an impact right away

Engage Talent

Download candidate profiles to your ATS and then connect directly through the Game Plan platform they’re already using

Employer success stories

The premier platform for athlete development, Game Plan is being used by innovative organizations from coast to coast.

  • “College is a hard transition for any student – especially for athletes who are expected to juggle practices, meetings and classes... Through this innovative relationship with Game Plan, it’s our goal to meet student-athletes where they are – in an easy-to-access platform that they are already familiar with.”

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    Darlene Goins Senior Vice President of Hands on Banking – Wells Fargo
  • “We are a people-centered business, and our mission is to help people. Our partnership with Game Plan will help us add student athletes to our team as we grow and scale for the future. Student-athletes have characteristics such as drive, initiative, and perseverance that will provide a foundation of growth, success, and belonging at Staffmark Group.”

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    Stacey Lane CEO of Staffmark Group
  • “We’re committed to helping the hundreds of thousands of athletes using Game Plan become financially competent so that they can enter the next stage of their journeys with even more confidence.”

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    Steve Sanders EVP of Marketing and Product Development at Interactive Brokers
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Journey Of The Athlete

On the field or in the board room, athletes know how to win. If you’re serious about raising the bar for your business, then empower your employer brand right now...
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