Great Midwest Athletic Conference partners with Game Plan

Our Conference is proud to partner with Game Plan to offer our student-athletes mobile-first education covering Mental Health and Wellness.


4 short, mobile-first courses covering Mental Health for student-athletes and Staff.

The Mental Health courses introduce concepts associated with mental health while breaking down the different aspects during a college athletes journey. The student-athletes will learn different aspects of mental health as well as learn how to identify, understand, and manage what may come during their college athletic experience.


Introduction to Mental Health in College Athletics

An introduction to mental health concepts and ideas.

Overview of Mental Health Disorders

Identifying the three most common mental health disorders facing college students.


An overview of prominent sport and non-sport stressors, and methods of overcoming them in a positive way.

Identities and Mental Health

An exploration of how an athlete’s race, gender, and background can influence their identity and affect their mental health.