Digital learning on the technology & professional skills of tomorrow

IBM has partnered with Game Plan to bring their Open P-Tech education to student-athletes.

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Open P-Tech Program Overview


Spark interest in a new field and take the first steps

Tech companies are looking for competitors like you, but you gotta bring the skills. Use Open P-TECH by IBM to discover invaluable digital skills that will put you head and shoulders above your competition. Prove those skills by earning free digital badges which will help you stand out as you apply to potential schools, internships, or employers.


Share career possibilities with your student-athletes

Easily share career information with your students. Facilitate fun sessions covering topics such as Data Science and design thinking. Enhance your current curriculum and help your student-athletes extend their skillsets with new resources offered by IBM to become 5-star business recruits.

Types of Courses







Design Thinking

Cloud Computing

Game Plan & IBM have partnered to bring industry-recognized digital training to student-athletes

Check out the video to gain insight into the partnership and how student-athletes can gain industry-recognized digital badges that will give them a leg up on the competition in the jobs of tomorrow.

Game Plan is excited to announce the dates for the 2021 IBM Webinar series

These webinars will show administrators and student-athletes how they can take advantage of these amazing courses focused on teaching fundamental digital and professional skills starting March 1.

Administrators, Student-Athlete Development and Student-Athletes

MAY 13 @ 1PM EST

Administrators, Student-Athlete Development and Student-Athletes

MAY 20 @ 1PM EST