Software Platforms Game Plan & InXAthlete Merge Forces

Combined business creates the most comprehensive athlete development and career services solution.


The Partnership

BOULDER, Colo. and GREENVILLE, N.C. – February 17, 2021

InXAthlete, a leading provider of career services for college athletes, and Game Plan, the leader in athlete education technology, today officially announced their merger. The group will provide the market’s top platform for all-in-one athlete development, mentorship, and career services.

“Led by former college student-athletes on both sides, our groups have an innate understanding of athletes’ needs and the technology that can support them,” said Cody Ferraro, InXAthlete Co-Founder. “Teaming up is a clear way to better fulfill a shared mission of guiding student-athletes on and off the field.”

No financial details were announced, but company leaders confirmed a new round of investment will accelerate their growth. Game Plan CEO Vin McCaffrey said this will impact product capabilities right away.

“Integrating our software platforms will allow coaches, educators, mentors, businesses, and others to more effectively engage athletes from high school to the professional level. We’re very excited about how this will enhance everything from content to communications to measurement.”

InXAthlete currently has over 3,000 job seeking student-athletes and 400 local and national employers with customized school platforms in Colorado, Utah, Northern Colorado, Central Florida, and San Diego.

Game Plan’s roster of more than 250 organizations includes the NFL, NBA, and over 200 collegiate athletic departments, among others. In 2020, athletes across the country completed 200,000 eLearning courses on subjects such as social justice, mental wellness, and sexual violence prevention.

Athletes also receive relevant content from Game Plan’s corporate partners, including Wells Fargo and IBM. They will now enjoy even more opportunities to engage businesses through InXAthlete’s national employer network. Want Access for your Student-Athletes? Click Here.

“We can’t overstate the significance of a college football player’s development on & off the field, whether they are preparing for the NFL or a life after college sports, Game Plan has helped us improve our communication to the players in these key areas, and our current partnership plays a critical role within the NFL’s college outreach strategy.”

Roman ObenVice President of College Outreach & Football Operations.

“Preparing our student-athletes for life after sports is just as important if not more important than preparing them for game day. We believe that the merger between InXAthlete and Game Plan will help collegiate athletics as a whole in providing student-athletes with the resources necessary to succeed in life after sport.”

Nona RichardsonUniversity of Utah SWA and Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director

“Through our partnership with Game Plan, NBA and G League players have furthered their personal and professional development and explored their interests and passions outside of our game, especially this past year, Game Plan has adapted to meet players where they are, not only as athletes but as members of families and communities. We’re excited to see the platform expand and grow.”

Jamila WidemanNBA Senior Vice President of Player Development

Game Plan

Game Plan partners with subject-matter experts and business thought leaders to serve as the #1 provider of educational content, mentorship, and career services for athletes of all levels. Since 2008, it has been dedicated to guiding 100% of athletes through 100% of their journey.



InXAthlete understands how the qualities of stand-out student-athletes match those of stand-out employees. It is committed to bridging the gap between college and career by connecting student-athletes with fulfilling employment opportunities.



Worth Gregory, Director of Marketing


Cody Ferraro, Chief Business Development Officer