During this unprecedented time for college athletics we would like to offer you these free educational resources that may help you take advantage of your time off campus. These mobile-friendly, interactive courses are designed with you, the student-athlete, and your needs in mind. While you are away, we hope that these resources will help you stay focused on achieving the goals you have set for yourself – on and off the field. These courses can be used for free by all student-athletes even if they do not have a Game Plan account.


Managing Stress

During your time away from campus, you are away from your teammates and the sport you love. This unexpected change to your plans and lifestyle may have an impact on your emotions or mental health. We encourage you to take this course to learn more strategies to maintain your mental wellness.


Health and Nutrition Fundamentals

It may become a challenge to stick to your nutritional and training regimens. It is important to remember that you are a premier athlete, and you should still provide your body with the proper fuel. This course will provide you with a few extra tips to stay healthy while you’re away.


Tips for Building a Resume

This course is designed to help student-athletes with building their resume. The course will provide tips for structuring your resume and how to describe your experience in a way that makes you stand out to employers. This resource is especially helpful for Juniors and Seniors that are gearing up for internships and full-time job opportunities.