Learn to Love Better
One Love Foundation and Game Plan have partnered to bring courses right to athletic organizations, wherever they are. With six courses spanning from education on healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors to navigating break-ups, the Game Plan platform puts the power of change in the palm of your students. Check out the courses below.
10 Signs of Healthy Relationships
This course will explain the importance of relationship health, helping identify and avoid abuse, and teaching how to love better.
Boundaries & Consent
This course will help you to understand consent, while learning about boundaries and communication to ensure a healthy relationship.
Help a Friend
This course will help you learn how to recognize unhealthy and abusive behavior in your friends’ relationships, and how to act when you suspect something.
High School: Navigating Break Ups
This course describes how to create a safety plan and recognize abuse while in high school.
College: Navigating Break Ups
This course describes how to create a safety plan and recognize abuse while studying at a university.
Building a Team Culture with the 10 Healthy Signs in Mind
This course will prepare you on how to move forward with seeing clearly the ten signs of both healthy and unhealthy relationships.
Tom Gravante, Men’s Lacrosse CoachMount St. Mary’s University

Several of my students told me that it was the number one, or one of the most, difficult and powerful discussions they have ever been a part of. One student in particular really opened up to me about his relationship, and while he didn’t feel that he or his girlfriend were abusing each other, the relationship was not healthy or positive for either of them. He had felt that way for a while but didn’t know how to verbalize or understand it. But after going through the workshop he could, and he ended the relationship because of his new knowledge.

Conor Okim, Men's LacrosseBoston University

Working with One Love has been an incredible experience for my teammates and me. We have learned so much ... and have engaged in conversation that is truly changing the stigma surrounding the issue of domestic violence and relationship abuse. One Love has provided me with the tools, and more importantly the confidence, to intervene in a situation when necessary.

Lars Tiffany, Men’s Lacrosse CoachUniversity of Virginia

The One Love programming crafts powerful scenarios and leads productive conversations, allowing our men to broach sensitive issues with reduced insecurity of expressing themselves. We have found the dialogue to be vital to ensuring our men understand their role in creating and maintaining healthy relationships for themselves and others.

Arica Smith, Women's SwimmingUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

One Love offers me another way to care for my teammates…it’s helped me be so much more comfortable talking to my teammates and other athletes and show them another way to better their lives and their friends’ lives. I am a better teammate and athlete because of One Love.

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