Achieve your brand and business goals through athlete growth and education

Game Plan develops athletes through innovative, targeted content while also benefitting the athletics organizations and businesses supporting that content.

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Sponsor Program Overview

As a Game Plan sponsor, you are part of something truly special. No other hybrid sports and education platform lets you play such a direct role in shaping the lives of tens of thousands of athletes from youth to pro. With your participation, we’re able to support players’ journeys on and off the field through the nation’s most powerful development vehicle.

Our all-in-one eLearning and career-services solution also gives you a singular opportunity to reach players, coaches, administrators, front offices, and other influential sports stakeholders. As you help our athletes grow, we help you do the same.


Content Development
Virtual Workshops
Career Services
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Course Branding
Program Microsites
Social Media
Print Collateral
Digital Multimedia

“College is a hard transition for any student – especially for athletes who are expected to juggle practices, meetings and classes…Through this innovative relationship with Game Plan, it’s our goal to meet student-athletes where they are – in an easy-to-access platform that they are already familiar with.”

Darlene GoinsSenior Vice President of Hands on Banking – Wells Fargo

Game Plan believes in well-rounded and authentic sponsor integration

Just as our platform offers a holistic learning experience for our athletes, it also gives you a range of tools built for topline awareness all the way down to one-on-one engagement.


Sponsors can pay millions and still not gain the type of exposure to pro and college sports stakeholders Game Plan offers. Placing your name on business-relevant content gives you unfiltered branding through microsites, webinars, workshops, unskippable courses, and other channels. You’ll be front and center for hundreds of athletics organizations across the US.


“Unique” is an overused term and most of the time not true. In this case, it aptly describes the opportunity you have to put your own fingerprint on curriculums reaching thousands of athletes. What better way to teach them about finance, technology, law, league policy, etc. than through the experts’ own outstanding content? This is your chance to prep future employees, customers, and pros.


Putting a face or logo on your sports-marketing platform can help sway local and widespread target audiences. With new endorsement opportunities emerging on the collegiate level, Game Plan helps you build relationships with talented future pros in addition to schools, clubs, and professional athletes. Our education solution offers access that simply can’t be replicated by other sales and marketing mediums.


Athletes face new and greater challenges as they progress through their sports. It’s in everyone’s best interest to properly prepare them to meet those challenges head-on. We give schools, teams, and leagues the chance to groom their future student-athletes and players so they start strong from day one on and off the field. Get in front of them early for more-informed, higher-performing team members later.


It’s rare that B2B partners can come to you with a proactive plan to measure end-to-end engagement with their audiences. But, our eLearning platform was built with this in mind. We create courses, quizzes, surveys, and other tools to help you track athlete participation, comprehension, and sentiment specific to your business. Automated reports even make this effortless on your part.


As our partner, you’ll never have to wonder whether or not you’re maximizing the Game Plan platform. We take the guesswork out of identifying the right kinds of content for each audience, integrating your brand effectively into the programming, and measuring the returns. Our Customer Success team is always there to support your brand and business objectives.

You know your business, we know player education. We look forward to marrying the two in ways that support athletes along their journeys and benefit your team as well.

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