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We provide innovative educational programs for coaches that build the people and leadership skills necessary to experience success and significance in their role within the team experience.
Coach Development Academy
Virtual Courses designed to support coaches through a step-by-step process in developing their authentic philosophy, team culture, and program structure. Our 4-part series is for coaches who are seeking to go beyond the X’s and O’s of their game. True North Sports guides coaches to “begin within” to find their own internal compass to build a program that reflects their true values and vision.
Live Workshops With Guest Speakers
Part 1: Managing Yourself
Managing Yourself is our foundational curriculum for coaches to understand the skills needed to be a professional coach. It is based on the concept that before you can manage and lead others, you first must learn to manage and lead yourself.
Class Starts September 14, 2021
Part 2: Managing Your Program
This course is designed to help coaches create the organizational structure of their program in a way that supports the overall team mission and vision. Managing Your Program provides tools and ideas on how to organize all the tasks that need to be done along with how to manage the people who are completing those tasks
October 2021
Part 3: Managing Your Culture
This class is designed to help coaches create a team culture that reflects their unique and authentic philosophy, vision and mission. Managing Your Culture is the HOW organizations will operate day to day to bring your WHY to life.
January 2022
Part 4: Managing Your Career
This course is designed to help coaches navigate their professional coaching career. The first part of this workbook is designed to help coaches find success in the interviewing and hiring process. The second half of this workbook is dedicated to helping coaches move through the various career transitions.
Spring 2022
Part 3: Managing Your Culture
In Session


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Gain access to everything included in Part 3 of the Coaching Development Program for $275

What Coaches Are Saying

Anson DorranceUNC - Head Women's Soccer Coach

I am always impressed with the quality of resources and programs Celia Slater of True North Sports creates to support the development of coaches of all sports. This workbook series combined with the virtual courses raises the bar for coaching professional development and is an amazing resource for any coach, regardless of experience, seeking clarity around WHY and HOW they coach.

Mary WiseUniversity of Florida - Head Volleyball Coach

There are few professional development opportunities designed specifically for coaches, by coaches. No one does it better than Celia and True North Sports. Business models don’t address the unique challenges of coaches – Celia goes right to the heart: how do we better the lives of our student athletes. I recommend Celia’s work, no matter the method. The Coach Development Academy combined with their workbook series is a game-changer in the profession of coaching.

Harold SimmonsUniversity of Northern Colorado, Assistant Softball

I really enjoyed listening to all the speakers and getting time to talk through questions with other coaches from all sports. I also think the workbook is amazing!

Jo ChubbArizona State University - Women's Soccer, Assistant coach

The topics and chapters covered are the hidden parts of coaching that I believe are not thought about often enough. They have caused me to self reflect, ask myself questions and really try to create change. Also, hearing other people’s struggles and triumphs had also been rewarding. It is strangely comforting to know that people go through the same situations and circumstances as you do.

Samantha GreeneUCLA - Women's Soccer Associate Head Coach

Very well thought out. Classes were beneficial and workbooks were easy to follow. Covered topics not previously covered by other courses. Celia is an amazing resource. This is what all coaches need to take!!

Marit ThorkildsenWashington State University - Women’s Volleyball Graduate Assistant

This program was very helpful. I learned more about myself, this profession, and how to grow everyday. I met some incredible coaches from around the country, which I thought was the most enjoyable part. Chatting with and learning from coaches from all different sports and levels is an experience you don’t necessarily get everyday. I really appreciated that aspect of this program.

Anthony RandallFresno State - Women's Swimming, Associate HC

The Coaching Development Academy with Celia Slater put me on a path towards building the skills I want to be the type of coach I want to become. It was nothing short of amazing being able to interact and bond with coaches from college, high school and club of many different sports, especially during the Covid isolation.


Hard copy of workbook

Access to virtual platform with video lessons and other resources

8 – 10 LIVE classes with top notch guest speakers

Bonus Module: Career Advancement Toolkit

Group Facebook page for coaches to stay connected

Certificate upon completion


The Coach Development Academy (CDA) is open to ALL coaches of ALL sports.
The CDA is open to male and female coaches and coaches of men’s sports and women’s sports.

The CDA is open to all coaching positions.
The CDA is open to head coaches, assistant coaches,
graduate assistant coaches, directors of OPS, and volunteer coaches.


60 minutes long (11-12 EST on Tuesdays)
Topic Introduction from Celia or lead facilitator
Breakout rooms to network and discuss chapter(s) of the week
Big group discussion
Guest speaker – Live Q & A
Closing comments – highlight the following week’s chapters and guest speaker